CGI Wasteland

Watching the new trailer for the BFG, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the current era of film is going to be remembered as one of the worst. Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic looks fine in all respects, except in that it’s a live-action film that seems to have almost no live[…]


Link here: This story was actually published a few years back, but it is one I’m particularly proud of. It is the first story I ever had published, and it won “3rd Best” in Mash Stories’  quarterly writing competition. That was thrilling enough in itself, but Mash Stories also had a professional audio recording[…]

Speaking of the Devil…

Having just gotten out all my disappointment with the current state of film in my previous blog post, its nice to see that I’m alone. Mark Harris’ piece at Grantland on the franchizification of film is a sobering look at how, while franchises and commercialization have always been a part of Hollywood, they’ve never been[…]