Short Story Published: Coming Down

Mash Stories has just shortlisted my story, “Coming Down”, in their quarterly contest.

You can check it out here.

If you like it, you can also vote for it. The judges take votes into account when they decide on a winner.

This story was heavily influenced by the last six months or so of my life. No, I’m not addicted to heroin nor am I now (or ever, let the record note) sleeping with prostitutes, but life has dropped a few anvils on my head recently. They always say “write what you know,” and while I had to Urban Dictionary the correct drug slang, I know the feelings expressed in here all too well.

I’ve really come to look forward to Mash Stories’ competition; it’s like an intensive workout for your creativity. Every story must include three keywords and come in under 500 words, and the challenge is finding out how to tell something compelling within those limitations.

Some people like the blank page, but my creativity has always worked best with limitations. I can sit before my laptop for an hour and not come up with anything, but give me three words and my mind will fill in the blanks.  A word never has the same meaning or associations for any one person; we all have different thoughts, life experiences and feelings. Its fun to see the vastly different directions each writer takes with their own story.