Speaking of the Devil…

Having just gotten out all my disappointment with the current state of film in my previous blog post, its nice to see that I’m alone. Mark Harris’ piece at Grantland on the franchizification of film is a sobering look at how, while franchises and commercialization have always been a part of Hollywood, they’ve never been as unbridled or rampant as they have been in the past year.

Two depressing observations from Harris’ piece:

  • In 2016, there will be nine superhero films released, along with at least 22 other major franchise sequels/reboots.
  • A good chunk of the most interesting, risk-taking and acclaimed films from the past few years have been made possible by one mega-producer: Megan Ellison.

2014 was a poor year for film…but the next few years aren’t looking any less bleak.